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Added on: December 2010

The holiday season is here and its time to bring out your best wines. There will be many parties and many people wanting to eat well, and drink great wines. If you are in the market for great holiday wines, no need to look further than Spanish wine. You can find extraordinary wines from $10 to $50 that will blow your guest away and make your food taste even better. If you are going to a holiday party, the best gift you can give a host is a good bottle of wine, if you are hosting a holiday party, the best gift you can give your guests is great food, great wine, and a relaxing and fun atmosphere. We prefer to go to a party and take a great bottle of Spanish wine, that way there are no dishes to clean up afterward! However if you are hosting the party, its still an amazing treat to be able to create a fun and enjoyable food and wine party for the holidays. Always start with your lighter wines as you serve your appetizers, and work your way up on the more full bodied wines as your dishes get stronger in flavor. Enjoy yourselves and remember that the holidays are about relaxing and enjoying the moment. Happy Holidays!

Added on: September 2010

The month of September means the beginning of the 2010 harvest in Spain. This year will be a great year for Spain and should produce some amazing wines. The weather so far has been near perfect, with warm summer days and cool nights. September also means the end of summer and the beginning of Fall, which means time to get your cellar ready for some red wine parties. Summer was great and it was fun hanging out outside and grilling some food. Fall represents spending more time indoors. So what can you do to prepare for the perfect falling into Fall party? How about grabbing some Crianza Rioja's from the 2007 vintage and making some tasty Spanish tapas. Some great tapas that are easy to make are: Pan con Tomate, Olives, Queso Manchego, Gambas al Ajillo, Fried Calamari's rings and Sardines in Olive Oil. The best wines to compliment these foods are: Campo Viejo Crianza 2007, Bodegas Lan Crianza 2007, and Sierra Cantabria Crianza 2007, all of these wines offer lush aromas of blackberry, stone, minerals and mocha, their youthful palates reveal layers of fruit, ripe tannin, and excellent balance. All of these wines are under $20 and will surely be a hit. So remember, as the warmer days go away, the cooler days bring in the joy of hanging out inside and making a regular day into a great day, with your loved ones, and a bottle of Rioja. Best of luck to the farmers that will begin the grape harvest towards the end of the month.

Added on: August 2010

As this summer gets hotter and hotter, it becomes more difficult to drink red wine, however, hot summer days mean chilled white wine and cold sparkling wine. For some of us, red wine is the only drink around, but when the temperature rises we just cant drink it, so we look for the whites. The best way to get the last part of summer going, is to realize that white wine and sparkling wine are not made only for holidays, that they are amazing during summer, especially with seafood. It's all about finding the right dish to pair with the right white wine. Sure white wine might seem boring to some, but if you locate the right bottle of say, Albariño, you will surely be sitting under a parasol sipping your wine going "this is what I’m talking about". Let's get started with food, some nice light dishes like shrimp cocktail, scallops in olive oil or sardines with lemon are refreshing and light, and are perfect for hot summer days. Albariño wines offer flavors of apple and pear, along with fresh acidity, making it the perfect candidate for these dishes. The 2008 vintage from Galicia produced some mind-blowing white wines that were made just for this summer, so go ahead, open a bottle and share the wealth with your family and friends, as that is the point of life, to share the great times with others (and to beat the heat).

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