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Vineyards in SpainSpain has over 70 designated wine regions that are approved by the government for quality wine production. As we spoke about the wine laws in the previous section, each region is classified by quality. The majority of the wine regions in Spain are producing some mind-blowing wines, however, in this section we will be focusing on the 10 wine regions that we believe are making the best wine in Spain. We will talk about the history of each region, what types of wines they offer, and the current classification they have under the Spanish law of wine quality. Choose a Wine Region below to learn more about the top wine regions in Spain.














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With all the 2011 Spanish wines coming into the market right now, you should be preparing yourself for some of the worlds best values to show up. Most wines have already received great scores from Wine Spectator, Robert Parker, and International Wine Cellar. One of the biggest problems with Spanish wine is that they sell out quickly, and most people by them by the case. There are many great wine shops to buy these wines, but they usually sell out... Read more

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